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Главная » 2014 » Апрель » 20 » HAPPY EASTER!

Easter is a moveable celebration, which means its date changes every year. It is a Christian festival celebrating theresurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter symbols are quiteuniform around the world, with coloured eggs the most popular one, for example in the USA, Germany or Greece. In some countries, eggs are also necessary tools for Easter games. Egg hunts are games during which people (usually parents) hide coloured or chocolate eggs for others (usually children) to find. Egg tapping is a simple short game in which two people knock hard-boiled eggs against each other - the owner of the egg which does not break is the winner.

However, there are more Easter symbols and traditions. Typical Easter animals include rabbits, chicks and lambs. In some countries, such as Germany, Italy, Sweden or Cyprus,lighting a big fire is an element of the Easter celebrations. Interestingly, Norway has a tradition of reading and watching murder stories at Easter! 


1. An egg hunt is: 
a) a type of Easter egg. 
b) a religious ceremony. 
c) a family game. 

2. Egg tapping is a game in which you use: 
a) any kind of eggs. 
b) decorated or chocolate eggs. 
c) real eggs. 

3. Which of these places has an untypical Easter tradition? 
a) Norway 
b) Cyprus 
c) Germany 

Answers: 1c, 2c, 3a 

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