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How to teach English

There are some common mistakes that many English teachers make. But as teachers, we are always learning and improving our methods. 

For example, how do you use the blackboard (or the whiteboard or the paper) during your classes? Sometimes we have lots of space to write our examples and explanations and sometimes we work with just a sheet of paper.

But in any case, it is very important to be organized in how you present information, especially with beginners. 

It is common for some English teachers to write information on any part of the board and erase frequently. Remember that your students need enough time to copy the information into their notebooks. Also, if you have the space to leave the information written on the board, it will help you as you explain the topic.

Here are some tips on how to use the board (or your paper) effectively:

1. Always put the same information in the same place. For example, write new vocabulary on the left side, put examples on the right, and correct the students' mistakes in the middle or at the bottom. This way, your students will always know where to look to find information.

2. Write in clear letters and use different colors if you can. It is very important to write clearly so that your students can easily understand what you write. The information is even more clear if you can write in different colors or underline parts of the sentence.

3. Let the students write on the board in some activities. If your class feels a little slow, try letting your students help you write examples on the board. The movement and the visual correction of mistakes will add a lot of energy to your class.

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